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I have been enamoured  with the 4th generation Supra since I have laid eyes on it.  While it is not a perfect stylistic exercise by any means, there was just something  that drew me to it.  Perhaps it was  those insectoid headlights peering at you from under the glass, or was it the gaping openings in front large enough to swallow small humans?  Or was it that rear end, what with all of the curves, the oft-used tail lamps, and the wing -- that wing.

Heh, it is not too often that a functional styling exercise - 66 pounds downforce at 90 mph - becomes imitated by such a wide range of vehicles.  From your typical H-car, to domestics, to yes . . . even trucks.  Perhaps, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

At its introduction in 1993, the MKIV Supra caused quite a stir in the performance car category.  Going up against such rivals as the venerable Porsche 968, the lithe FD3S RX-7, the gimmicky 3000GT, the 300ZX in its prime, and of course, the gold-chained clientele's favourite, the C4 Corvette  =) , the Supra excelled.  Armed with a 320 bhp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six, brake discs over a foot and a half in diameter, and 17-inch wheels, the new kid on the block also proved it could hang with the "big dogs" such as the Lotus Esprit Turbo, Viper RT/10, and the Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6.  While the Supra loved to be abused, it did not abuse its owner like some other cars of its caliber.  It was a car you could drive everyday without worrying; it was quiet, comfortable, smooth riding for a sports car, and perhaps best of all, it was backed by Toyota reliability.

I would be amiss if I did not address the heart of the Supra -- the engine.  The 2JZ-GTE has made quite a name for itself since its debut in the MKIV.  Toyota engineers truly out-did themselves  this time.  People were not kidding when they said that this engine was under-rated from the factory.  With the majority of 6-speed equipped cars dynoing in the 290-300 rwhp (~340-350 bhp)  range bone stock and the automatics slightly less due to the added drivetrain loss, this was no fluke.  In the early days of modifying, many thought that 4-500 hp would push the limits of the drivetrain.  Today, we have cars with the stock shortblock making 1000 hp.  With new developments in engine-management such as the AEM EMS and  the HKS F-Con, among others, and tuners that know how to use them, we have been getting more and more power out of these engines.  The strength of the 2JZ-GTE has not ceased to amaze me and perhaps never will.  Unfortunately, the potential of the JZA80 Supra was not truly realized until after Toyota docked its flagship.

Alas, all great things must come to an end.  Sales were mediocre at best - even after the $10K price cut in 1997, Toyota only sold a total of 6977 Supra turbos.  And so,  the 4th generation Supra was pulled from the US markets in 1998.   Blame it on the SUV craze, blame it on the poor dollar-yen exchange, or blame the concept itself -- who was crazy enough to pay $50K for a T-o-y-o-t-a?  Fast forward 2-3 years . . . the import scene is exploding, the MKIV is being recognized as a premiere tuning platform, and that damn movie.  Today, the 1993.5-1998 Supras are highly sought after, especially in rare colours and of course,  the hardtops.

My search:
This brings us to my quest for a Supra.  I had test driven a Stage 8 300ZXTT and was not that impressed by the acceleration, and by now, the Z was beginning to get a little long in the tooth.  Not to offend the owners of the following cars, but the 3000GT/Dodge Stealth twins were simply too heavy for my tastes, the earlier models had unnecessary gimmicks such as active aero and variable exhaust tone, the awd drivetrain could prove very expensive to repair, and the car was not as easy to modify. The 3rd generation RX-7, a car which I still hold -hands down- as the Japanese styling benchmark, was simply not an option.  This car reeked sexiness, it had all the traits of a true sports car:  light weight, great handling, good looks, and power.  Unfortunately, its power source was also the source of its problems.   Now, fervent supporters of the FD3S will argue that the engine will last if taken care of, it simply did not tolerate detonation.  The rotary, the best way to turn fuel into noise, was, in my opinion, the biggest drawback of the 7even.     

I was hooked after driving a friend's auto BPU+ Supra. This was by far the fastest car I had driven, though that wasn't saying too much, hehe. I literally had my proverbial blinders on, I didn't need or want any other car.  My ideal Supra would have been either a RSP on black, Quicksilver on black, or a black on black hardtop.  Then I woke up.  All of the aforementioned cars carry a significant premium due to their rarity.  After searching for what seemed like an eternity, I found a 1997 Deep Jewel Green Pearl on Ivory automatic owned by a doctor with a shade over 30K miles.  And, as the saying goes, the rest is history . . .

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2003.01.30 ::
It's official!!! www.hungwin.com
New design for 2003. The gallery, links, and timeslips pages are updated!

2002.12.25 ::
Added pictures from the IMSTAR World Cup Finals, Fuzakeru Filming, and the Dave & Buster's Import Meet.
Turned another year older on Dec 9, thanks to all my friends who came out.  I had a great time!

2002.11.01 ::
fri night test & tune @ VMP
12.39 @ 117.89 | 12.99 @ 116.31

2002.10.19 ::
sports car meet @ UMD

2002.10.06 ::
fall 2002 ccvt car show

2002.09.14 ::
PCA driver's ed @ VIR

2002.08.24 ::
PCA driver's ed @ summit point

2002.08.18 ::
imstar world import series @ MIR
12.55 @ 117.86 | 12.61 @ 117.24

2002.08.18 ::
received BFG drag radials on stock silver wheels

2002.06.22 ::
idra battle of the imports @ VMP
12.42 @ 119.46 | 12.52 @ 118.11

2002.06.09 ::
imstar world import series @ MIR
12.38 @ 118.68 | 12.46 @ 119.14

2002.06.08 ::
installed TRD front strut tower brace

2002.05.18 ::
installed euro hood scoop

2002.05.08 ::
installed philips HID kit

2002.05.03 ::
midnight madness @ MIR
12.36 @ 119.64 | 14.85 @ 117.26

2002.02.25 ::
installed greddy 3-row FMIC

2001.12.22 ::
installed goodridge ss brake lines
ate super blue fluid | oem pads

2002.12.09 ::
speedtrial event @ VIR

2001.10.19 ::
fri night test n tune @ capitol raceway
12.95 @ 110.27 | 13.08 @ 114.55

2001.10.07 ::
installed blitz DSBC & FATT

2001.09.29 ::
PCA club race @ summit point

2001.09.16 ::
ccvt car show

2001.09.15 ::
installed RMM downpipe

2001.09.12 ::
installed alpine CDA-7864

2001.06.06 ::
installed VDO boost gauge

2001.04.22 ::
porsche swap meet @ hershey, pa

2001.04.13 friday ::
purchased my supra!!! =)

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