2003 Washington Auto Show
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Went to the auto show on Saturday the 28th, good thing we had advanced tickets because the line was out the door and around the block.  The DC show is really nothing compared to Detroit, LA, and let's not even get into the European and Asian shows.  Let's put it this way, no manufacturers debut their vehicels at DC.  =)  The general trend in car design aesthetics is going downhill in my opinion.  For some examples see:  BMW Z4, Cadillac Imaj.

Dodge Viper SRT-10 - Disappointed.  It really doesn't look any better in person than it does in pictures.
Dodge Neon SRT-4 - Very impressed!  It looks much better in person and in BLACK.  If one is to buy one of these, one must buy black and delete the wing.
MB CL55 and SL55 - Perfect.  If I had to choose one car to have, I honestly think it would be a black SL55, it just has that x-factor.
Lexus Concept - This was used in Minority Report with Tom Cruise.  Yeah, if this is the direction cars are going, then I want to get off the train.
NSX facelifted - I prefer the older, less-aerodynamic flip-up headlights.  The new ones seem like some grotesque mixture of 3000GT and Civic.
Subaru - They had the most impressive display IMO.  Besides the Lagemann/Kidd SCCA Pro Rally WRX, there was a mock-up of the AWD system and of the boxer-4.
Nissan Murano/Infiniti FX45 - Both are pretty abominable, with the nod going towards the FX -at least its paint was pretty.
Cadillac Escalade ESV - "So you can bling with seven of your closest friends."   =)

Jesse James from West Coast Choppers and Monster Garage fame was there.  A friend and I got his autograph and a picture with him. 

    Fuzakeru Filming/Dave & Buster's Import Meet
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Please click here to visit my album of 5 megapixel pictures from the Fuzakeru film shoot.

A little background on Fuzakeru -it means messing or f-ing around in Japanese.  This is a video compilation of NEMKIV Supras along the lines of Redline (SoCal) or TurboDREAMS (Florida).  Matt aka Swedemix is the person who puts the video together along with the help of RC.  We met up at Darren's house in Laurel, MD to go out on our little drive.  It was pretty fun tearing up the streets with a bunch of Supras, 300ZX TTs, and a Viper GTS.  =)

We took advantage of the D&B Meet to get some more footage for Fuzakeru Version 2.0.  The Capital Area RSX and Celica clubs organized this meet and the local Supras were invited.  Heads rolled when six MKIVs, three 3000GT VR-4s, and a R33 Skyline crashed the party.  =)  Riceboys are funny.  It was hard to believe how many wanted to pose next to the Skyline.

      IMSTAR World Cup Finals at MIR 11-10-2002
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I guess this was the "public" debut of a friend's Tommy Kaira Skyline R33 V-spec.  =)  If one wants attention among the import community, this is the car to have.  You couldn't beat the people off with a stick hehe.  I never had a chance to see it run because we were in the same class, but its best time was a 13.3 at 100 plus mph, very respectable.  More info on this car can be found  here.  The usual Supra crew was there, RC, Matt, Bao, M Miller, Silver Bullet, and of course Paul E's "Supra" -land jet is a more apt description.  My best runs of the day were a 12.387 @ 118.32 mph and a 12.493 @ 118.45 mph.  My best mph was 118.52 with an elapsed time of 12.707 seconds.  Something is up with my differential, it only wants to spin the passenger side tire, so only that drag radial gets warmed up.

A week earlier I went to Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) with some CCVT members.  This will be _the last_ time I race at this facility.  I thought my previous experience at VMP at a Battle of the Imports event was due to poor organization by the Battle crew . . . I have just realized that VMP is just slow.  It took forever to go through technical inspection and the staging process was poorly run, just like at Battle.  My best run, out of two, was a 12.392 @ 117.89 mph. 

      UMD College Park Meet 10-19-2002
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This meet, organized by DTMer's, produced a larger-than-expected turnout with over 350 cars.  Some notables were a RSP Bomex Supra TT, Viper Blue T78 VeilSide/C-West Supra, S15/14 Nissan 240SX with a turbo KA4DE, a grip of WRXs, and many very nice Euros.  There were some shenanigans provided by an F-body and a Carrera 2S and of course the ricers trying to get attention.  Apparently an Integra took it a little too fast after the meet and wrecked his car -hopefully UMD will not ban such gatherings s in the future because of this.


  Car Club of Virginia Tech Car Show Fall 2002 10-19-2002
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There were some alumni who could not make it to this show, but overall it was a good turnout.  It was good to see Lud's gorgeous supercharged NSX make its way out of the garage and take home Best Import.  =)  The Best of Show and Best Presentation went to a 1990 TTZ with upgraded turbos producing "625+ rwhp" and "easy" 10-second timeslips -neither of which were backed up with any evidence, heh. 


  PCA Driver's Ed at VIR 09-14-2002
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Another visit to the great facility in Alton, VA resulted in a pretty damp, but fun, weekend.  The rain came down for the better part of Saturday and intermittently on Sunday.  Things I took away from this event:  I guess you could have more in your cars and trailers than most people do in their entire homes, white 996TTs looks sweet, and I don't think I would want to drive an uber-rare Ruf RGT home in the rain on Dunlop slicks because the brakes on the  trailer it came in on gave up the ghost.


  PCA Driver's Ed at Summit Point 08-24-2002
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I think I had the only Japanese vehicle in the paddock.  =\  It was a hot one, good thing I brought along an EZ-Up shelter and some drinks.


  IMSTAR World Import Series at MIR 08-18-2002
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I came out to this event to run some times on my newly-acquired drag radials.  The track was not prepped very well and I actually cut worse 60-foots than on my Toyo T1-Ss.  The 100-degree heat didn't help the stock-twin Supras at all, we were averaging 2-3 mph lower trap speeds than in 80 degree conditions.  Altered Atmosphere brought out their 10-second Stealth while Peter Farrell Supercars brought out their FD RZ-7 and IS300.  The race between the turbo IS and myself was pretty close with Farrell pulling it out on the top end.  Ray Wilson in his Rex won the Wild Street category again.  Paul Efantis clicked off some sweet 9-second runs at over 150 mph, and this was without second gear!


  Cadillac Grand Prix of Washington, D.C. 07-20-2002 and 07-21-2002
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While it was nice to see all of the cars up-close and personal in the pits and paddock, I think that the race would have been better viewed on television.  The inherent problem with a street course is that the officials want spectators to be safe, in turn, there are two fences that protect you but also obstruct the view.  This made taking good pictures and video quite difficult -we tried our best.  It was nice to be able to walk and sometimes touch cars that I have only seen on TV such as the Olive Garden Ferrari 550 Maranello, Saleen S7R,  Cadillac LMP cars, the Panoz, and of course, the Audi R8s. 

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to park within spitting distance of the course because we "showed" our cars with Mazda Extreme Street.  A friend came down from Boston to watch the ALMS main event and we were able to have lunch courtesy of Michelin -it's nice to know people.  =)  To tell you the truth, I forgot who won their respective classes because it was hard to see and keep up with the cars.  The new system employing LEDs that  light up depending on the position of the cars was helpful when we could see the cars, however.  Cool things:  550 Maranello race cars, humongous ceramic brake discs, Our Man Foo's autograph, C5Rs in a box, the "booty walk" before the ALMS race, lunch on Michelin, did I mention 550 Maranello race cars?


  IDRA Battle of The Imports at VMP 06-22-2002
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This was perhaps the most poorly-run event I have ever attended.  They basically kept us in staging all day in some unbearable heat for no good reason, they didn't announce that our runs would not count towards qualifying until after we ran,  the runs were very poorly organized, and the officials there couldn't decide whether or not our class would be allowed to run or not.  Needless to say, I will not be racing in another Battle again.

I was running neck-and-neck with a BPU++ 6-speed on ET Streets all day until he finally hooked up and beat me with a better short time.  There was only one single turbo Supra there which beat me in the Quick 8 and  broke in the semi's to a BPU auto . . . If he had broke running against me, I would have been in the finals against Ray Wilson in his 10-second RX-7.  I wouldn't care if I lost or not, I just wanted some payout because the cheap-asses at Battle only give first place money, unlike IMSTAR which has prize money for the entire Quick 8.

To end things on a lighter note, however, we had some Fast and Furious action on the way home.  =)  Out of nowhere we hear this ear bleeding noise, lo and behold, it was a Ricer on Ritalin revving and making a scene for himself.  A Civic hatch with what must have been the worlds loudest and most annoying exhaust tries his hand at racing Supras from a roll -HAHA.  My passenger and I couldn't stop laughing at this guy and just let him go by.  Our friend in his BPU++ Supra decides to let him have it and they do a 60-110 roll, well at least the Supra did anyway.  Needless to say, it wasn't pretty . . . buslengths come to mind.  Apparently the Ricer on Ritalin didn't learn his lesson and wants a piece of me.  The result was the same -Greyhounds.  And yes, we have this on video, it just needs to be digitized.  =D


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