Dyno Results0
This open house was a great opportunity to meet some  local Supra and 3Si owners and to see AAM's new facilities.  I was really anxious to get my car dyno'd after I installed my mods, unfortunately I did not perform a baseline test to see what  sort of gains said mods yielded.  The 2JZ-GTE is quite stopped up from the factory with two catalytic converters and a somewhat restrictive exhaust system, and, as we all know, turbo cars love to breathe, and any modifications that increase flow are beneficial . . .  

The result?  Four-hundred and sixteen rear wheel horsepower and 410 foot-pounds of torque.  With 416 horsepower at the tires translating into roughly 520 flywheel horsepower, the car has no problem moving its 3450 pounds. Upon seeing the dyno sheets, I was not ecstatic with the results, perhaps I was jaded by BPU+++ ad nauseam 6-speeds and the single turbo cars. In the end, however, I am very pleased with the power that the car is making - especially through a power-robbing automatic transmission.  Just to put things into perspective, how many 500+ hp 2+2s are there on the market?  Granted, my car is mildly tuned, but the list is short . . . some names that come to mind are the Ferrari 550/575 Maranello, Ferrari 456, and the Aston Martin Vanquish/ DB7 Vantage. 

416 rwhp/410 rwtq

At the time these charts were created, the car was "BPU+" as it is known in the Supra, and the turbocharged for that matter, community.  For a JZA80 Supra, "BPU" consists of Basic Performance Upgrades in the form of an air filter, factory boost cut override, downpipe, exhaust, and increased boost in the neighborhood of 18 psi.  The "plus" in my case was a 24x12x4" front mounted intercooler designed to help cool down the pressurized air.  A detailed list of my mods can be found here.

Power/Torque vs RPM     Power/AFR vs RPM

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