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Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves "What does hungwin mean?" Hungwin is the phonetic spelling of my first and last name, Hung Nguyen. Just a little play on words. I did not want to limit the scope of the site by naming it something automotive-related.

Currently, the site concentrates on the obsession -the Supra. Images . . . due to the size of the images I have taken, the majority of the event coverage is outsourced to -500 MB and counting.

Wow. After working on this site, I have an entirely new perspective and appreciation for designers. This is not what I do for a living and I have the utmost respect for those who do -and do it well.

After some earlier versions, I wanted to go in a new direction -towards print. White space is taken advantage of, letting the content and images become the focus. The resolution required by web-based graphics, however, limited some of the effects I was going after.

*Note: the chromeless windows for images may not function properly for those with XP+SP1 and IE6.0 or non-IE browsers. I apologize for any inconveniences, hopefully a fix is coming soon.

about me:

name:  hung
born:  december 9, 1978
places i've called home:  go cong, vietnam; arlington, va; blacksburg, va; fairfax, va (current)
education:  bsme, virginia polytechnic and state university (virginia tech), class of 2000
likes:  silence, abnormal aspiration, humor, chipotle burritos, the family guy, ronin, heat, coffee, gizmos, a good song, acoustic guitar, a classic design, plasma tvs, a phat crib, riva boats, italian cars, things I cannot afford
dislikes:  awkward silence, tension, stress, traffic, dishonesty, being caught by the fuzz, people who speed egregiously in hyundais et al, modified econoboxes, PFFF, ignorance, people who can't spell, things I cannot afford
collects:  magazines, music, anything jza80-related, speeding tickets, a stable of cars (one day)


I have race petrol flowing through my veins. I have been addicted from a very early age, and fortunately, there is no cure. I remember reading my first issues of Motor Trend, Car & Driver, CARtoons, and AutoWeek. I think CARtoons was the most influential as it combined two of my passions: art and automobiles.

This has always been a mainstay for me. Be it doodling, drawing, or photography. I would always draw during class to try and stay awake. I tried to take as many art and photography classes as I could pre-university. As I entered college, however, I did not have the time to keep up my art and really let it fall to the wayside. Sometimes I regret not majoring in graphic or industrial design instead, but as they say, it's never too late.

I will listen to a baboon wail at full song before I listen to country music. That is perhaps the only form of music which I absolutely cannot stand. I can enjoy just about anything else that isn't disgustingly pop or jiggy. My favourite is underground hip-hop with electronica and good rock tied for second. Before you draw any conclusions, you do not have to be ignorant or gully to enjoy hip hop. And to those that think otherwise, it is a very legitimate form of music, just take a look at record sales and revenue this genre brings in. These musicians also have some of the most interesting and inventive media out there in my opinion.

Artists currently in the deck: the hieroglyphics crew, the legendary roots crew, okayplayer artists, 7 heads artists, definitive jux artists, mr lif, quannum mcs, any work of mart, any el-p production, swollen members, jedi mind tricks, puts, the gza/genius.