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updated circa january 2005


Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at: supraturbo@vt.edu

about the site:

While the 2003 design was decidedly JZA80-centric, my current goal for hungwin.com is to provide an photo/audio/random-blog with the help of Moveable Type and Gallery.

A two-year update cycle is not quite what was planned when I created this site, but that is what traditional web publishing has caused. That, coupled with my laziness and procrastination, has lead to such a long time between updates.

Gone is that flash intro that was so in back when this site was first designed (late 2002! -cut me some slack!!!). Intros of this ilk can (and do) become quite annoying after the first few times.

    moveable type
    Moveablye Type (MT) provides the user with quick updating and editing. Easily. Setup and formatting, however, are another matter. I tried Blogger -for a couple hours- and realized it really wasn't for me. There are some huge advantages with a predominantly CSS-based design, while the disadvantages can sometimes make you want to put a fist through your LCD.

    Fluid vs fixed. This site defaults to a width that is fluid. This carries over from my old design, and I don't understand why more MT-based pages are not fluid with respect to width. With increasing screen resolutions, fixed-width designs can waste a good amount of real estate. Should you want to view the page in a fixed-width format, you can click on the tachometer icons at the upper-right portion of the page and toggle between fluid and fixed. The next time you visit, your preference will be the default.

    OMG r0x0rs I'm a bl0gger!!1! I can't believe that I would ever become one of them. Dark side here I come. I vehemently hate the term "blog." What the hell does it mean? Half blah, half dog? It is one of those ugly words. It doesn't sound good nor does it look good. I can't believe one can find said word in the dictionary now!!!

    "Gallery - your photos on your website." That's about the size of it. Gallery allows me to control my images the way I want while automating some otherwise tedious tasks. Setting up was somewhat difficult, but the results are well worth the effort.

    Ideally, Gallery would be wrapped by MT, but for now things are going to be pretty basic and my photo albums will open in a new window.

    Some reasons for switching to Gallery are:
    Imagestation became Nazis and put a stop to hotlinking pics. That pretty much rendered them worthless. To proverbially rub salt in our wounds, they started to phase out the free accounts -I would have to start paying to keep my gigabyte-plus of images alive on their servers. I think Sony should allot owners of their cameras (or technology products in general) free space on Imagestation. Photobucket is good for quick links for sale ads or message boards, but it really doesn't offer the amount of control desired.

Click here to go directly to my gallery.

site name
Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves "What does hungwin mean?" Hungwin is the phonetic spelling of my first and last name, Hung Nguyen. Just a little play on words.

previous version
You can find the hungwin.com throwback here.

about me:

name:  hung
born:  december 9, 1978
places i've called home:  go cong, vietnam; arlington, va; blacksburg, va; fairfax, va (current)
education:  bsme, virginia polytechnic and state university (virginia tech), class of 2000
likes:  silence, abnormal aspiration, humor, chipotle burritos, the family guy, ronin, heat, coffee, gizmos, a good song, acoustic guitar, a classic design, plasma tvs, a phat crib, riva boats, italian cars, things I cannot afford
dislikes:  awkward silence, tension, stress, traffic, dishonesty, being caught by the fuzz, people who speed egregiously in hyundais et al, modified econoboxes, PFFF, ignorance, people who can't spell, things I cannot afford
collects:  magazines, music, anything jza80-related, speeding tickets, a stable of cars (one day)


I have race petrol VP Import flowing through my veins. I have been addicted from a very early age, and fortunately, there is no cure. I remember reading my first issues of Motor Trend, Car & Driver, CARtoons, and AutoWeek. I think CARtoons was the most influential as it combined two of my passions: art and automobiles.

This has always been a mainstay for me. Be it doodling, drawing, or photography. I would always draw during class to try and stay awake. I tried to take as many art and photography classes as I could pre-university. As I entered college, however, I did not have the time to keep up my art and really let it fall to the wayside. Sometimes I regret not majoring in graphic or industrial design instead, but as they say, it's never too late.

I will listen to a baboon wail at full song before I listen to country music. That is perhaps the only form of music which I absolutely cannot stand. I can enjoy just about anything else that isn't disgustingly pop or jiggy. My favorite is underground hip-hop with soul/funk, electronica, and good rock tied for second. Before you draw any conclusions, you do not have to be ignorant or gully to enjoy hip hop. And to those that think otherwise, it is a very legitimate form of music, just take a look at record sales and revenue this genre brings in. This genre also has some of the most interesting and inventive media out there in my opinion.

Artists currently in the deck:
MF DOOM aka Zev Luv X aka Viktor Vaughn aka King Geedorah aka Daniel Dumile. The man is an artistic genius -period.

galt macdermot, pretty much anything coming from stones throw, mr. fantastik (can we get an album?!), count bass d, de la soul, the hieroglyphics crew, the legendary roots crew, okayplayer artists, 7 heads artists, def jux (they'e been pretty weak as of late), quannum mcs, any work of mart, puts, the gza/genius.

R.I.P. Jam Master Jay, Ray Charles, and Ol' Dirty Bastard.